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Full Aftercare Kit

Full Aftercare Kit


RRP £25! 

Professional foam eyelash cleanser to help you maintain your lashes. Specially formulated to clean oil, dirt and debris off the eyes without breaking down the bond of the lash glue. Our eyelash cleanser will ensure you get the most out of your lashes giving you better retention. Can be used on strip lashes, lash extensions and eyebrows. Clean deep into your lashes, keep your lashes fluffy and clean with our specially formulated cleanser brushes. Clean and rinse with water after every use and leave to air dry. Also comes with a rinse bottle to rinse off the lash cleanser, a lash brush and tube to keep your brush dust free and last but not least a fan to dry off and fluff up your lashes!

Out of Stock
  • Includes

    • One "Squeaky Clean" Eyelash Cleanser
    • One Cleansing Brush
    • One Lash Brush and Tube
    • One Lash Fan, Carry Strap and Charger
    • One Rinse Bottle
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